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Two staff members of JWI won poster awards at ISBR meeting

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Congress participants elected Evi Lippens and Claudia Schlundt as winners of the poster awards at ISBR mneeting

The winners of the Poster Awards at ISBR Meeting have been elected by a poll amongst the participants of the congress. Evi Lippens (poster title: Opposing growth factor gradients to create distinct tissue patterning) and Claudia Schlundt (Impact of the adaptive immune system in bone fracture healing) from our institute won the first and the second prize, respectively, while Paul Rikeit from FU Berlin (The Hippo pathway relays mechanical forces into BMP-Smad signaling ) was the third winner. Huge congrats!


Evi Lippens (evi.lippens [at] charite.de)

Claudia Schlundt (Claudia.schlundt  [at] charite.de)

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